Fall: A New Beginning

Flying past the summer memories as they scream yelling for my attention
I know I mustn't look but I rise my head to new beginnings
Trailing one after another, my feet pick up speed
Fall is the season I must fall into place
Bargaining is barking at things that are right
Can you argue for things that might ruin one’s life?
What does the burning season bring tomorrow?
When every other flavor has a color
A flower you can bloom in spring
A rain you can glitter with in the sky
A snowflake you can be in winter
But fall is the season I must fall into place
A refreshing start with excited winds ready to blow
Fall it is to begin with. 

Students were asked to write a poem on fall, highlighting how change in season means letting go of one thing and grabbing another or transitioning into another phase of life.   



Saanvi Manukonda -7th grade

Saanvi is calm, curious, creative, and super soft-spoken! This young girl is a profound thinker, with intellectual depth and a mind that’s always observing life closely. Her work often mirrors the inner workings of life.