Forsaken Fall

It’s easy to hear leaves crunching behind you
But what if nobody's there
It’s normal to smell pies baking in the oven
But what if nobody's there
There is a place where the pumpkins are carved to perfection
And the red falling leaves are raked
Where jolly songs are made
But there are no geese, no crows flying south for warmth
And there are no squirrels gathering nuts
Or school children out to play
Not a jacket to be zipped or breeze to be blown
No turkeys are cooked or pumpkin bread is sliced
And throughout the town, the neighborhoods, the streets 
Not a soul wanders the place,
Because nobody is there.

Students were asked to write a poem on fall incorporating their five senses to set the fall scene.



Avni Singh – 5th grade

Avni is a motivated and enthusiastic girl. She is a little bundle of talent—her use of descriptive language, vocabulary, and thinking ability is par excellence. She is working above her current grade level within her writing skills.