Choose a Path

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There are endless possibilities where you may lead
But you will never know what is ahead.
Just like a game, you will play
Follow the precautions to stay away.
From all the unknown creatures that show no mercy
There are many reasons for you to worry.
Life is like a beautiful rose
Be careful! It has thorns that will oppose.
Thunder and lightning are earth’s little helpers
You stare outside with sorrow within your house that shelters.
Existence is a complicated maze that has many curves
One wrong step, and karma will give you what you deserve.
Before you wrap yourself in the warmth of your mother’s arms
But life also has its little charms.
Take a long pause and look at the bright side
You will be successful if you let your mind be a guide.
Alas, if you take an erroneous path
Failure is behind your back.
So, never search for success
Work for it to ace the test!

Compose a poem about "A Journey Called Life" that includes the words: pause, curves, warmth, search, endless, shelter, sorrow, failure, success, and unknown. 



Thanvi Enumula - 7th grade

Blessed with a cheerful demeanor, Thanvi has shown tremendous progress in a short period of time. She is dependable and takes her responsibilities seriously, whether it is doing her classwork in the best possible way or making sure not to miss any homework assignment. With determination and a bit of encouragement, she continues to improve her craft and is on her way to reach her full potential.