The Honest Truth of Life

For eternity, life always had rules, unwillingly this world curves the kick
Sourly jumping over issues with a mild eye,
Failures, successes, and things unknown
Endlessly falling into a pit that shan't be shown
Better understanding is no achievement, as this emotion shyly has flown
The search to life is a blank answer, a pause to tinker about curious minds
A pause it is, a click to remind that we aren’t refined blades 
Slash all you want, nothing is cut, nobody is broken 
Protecting is shelter, but no human can save death 
The warmth of many hearts burn out into a blank and bland paper-like soul
Once we pass, absolutely nothing is there to mold
The question of life is one that serves sorrow, a dish gone cold, nothing less than shallow. 

Compose a poem about "A Journey Called Life" that includes the words: pause, curves, warmth, search, endless, shelter, sorrow, failure, success, and unknown. 



Saanvi Manukonda -7th grade

Saanvi is calm, curious, creative, and super soft-spoken! This young girl is a profound thinker, with intellectual depth and a mind that’s always observing life closely. Her work often mirrors the inner workings of life.