Figurative Language

1. My mom is as happy as a newborn baby.
2. The lake shimmers like a calm mind. 
3. Aunt Margie’s voice sounds like chalk scratching a chalkboard. 

4. Joy’s eyes were the sun, who brightens everyone’s day. 
5. The ballerina was the swan, gracefully moving across her stage. 
6. The color of the ocean was the tranquility, enough to soothe the man’s troubled mind. 

7. Bears brought butter, buns, and banjos, but ate a billion boys for breakfast.
8. Lizards lick lettuce while ladies loom in their light blue room. 
9. Piano picks pellets at the pet place, and puts Patricia in a purple pick up truck. 

10. His head blew up and landed in his crush’s arms, just after she rejected his proposition of asking her to the prom. 
11. She was drowning in a lake of sadness and suddenly she started yelling at that weird boy, just after he proposed to her with heart full of love and compassion. 

12. The car yelled unhappily because it was forced to go through the car wash. 
13. The bird soothingly enjoyed the sauna until it realized that it was being cooked. 
14. The wildfire joyfully murdered all the villagers while crackling with joy. 

Use simile, metaphor, alliteration, hyperbole, and personification in a sentence, and try to be as clever, smart, and imaginative as possible. 



Aashritha Rakam - 6th grade

Aashritha is a fun, lively, and an enthusiastic girl. Always excited about participating in class discussions and grabbing the lesson of the day. Her mind is full of interesting ideas, and she is gradually learning to transfer those ideas from her head into her writing.