I am Unique

      Have you ever wondered what’s unique about you? No? Then, let's see if you can come up with something after reading all of mine. Well, I'm a unique person. I know this because in my name there should be only one “a” but there are two.  Next, whenever I play a sport, I get very good at it. Lastly, I am a very good learner.
     To start with, in my name “a” appears two times instead of one. For example, my name is Ryaan, but in my school there is another Ryan with the same name but different spelling. The spelling of my name was done on purpose by my mother to make me more unique than others. To add on, even though my name has a different spelling, it still sounds the same which isn’t a problem. 
     Next, I started playing a lot of sports this summer and I learned how to play them very quickly. For example, my mom joined me in a basketball class for two months and I can already score far shots. Additionally, when I was only seven, I was good at playing badminton.
      Lastly, if you make me do anything by the end of the day, I will be an expert at it. For instance, in fourth grade I was probably the smartest kid in class. Every time the teacher asked somebody to answer a question, I always raised my hand. Next, my grades are always above ninety percent and it is better than most people’s grades in class.
      To sum it up, now that I have written my reasons, can you come up with something? Did I give you ideas to make your own reasons? If I didn't, then there are other ways to find out! 

What are some qualities or things about you that are unique? It could be something about your personality or the way you think or an aspect of your life. Compose a 5-paragraph essay explaining three ways you are unique from others. 



Ryaan Chellakumar - 5th grade

The new kid on the block, Ryaan brims with raw and remarkable writing talent. Just in two months, he has managed to exceed all expectations with his unique ideas, quick thinking, and equally quick writing speed. He is a writer to watch out for!