Melodies in Moonlight

 Many stars merrily march across the moonlight
 The sudden fading of light serenades the sky
 Bits of light blink beautifully like bursts of fire
 The crescent moon crows a crescendo of night
 An angelic, golden dance accompanies the ardent songstress
 Joining in a narrative of nightlong dance and nocturnal melodies.

Students were asked to write an alliteration poem about how the moon and the star are a perfect pair. 



Sritha Lingardi - 7th grade

Sritha is curious about the world and is blessed with a mind oozing with creativity. She writes effortlessly, and on a wide variety of topics, injecting deep thinking, advanced vocabulary, and wonderful imagination in her writing. Not only that, she often uses her wicked sense of humor to add fun and provide a bit of of a breather in serious scenes.