Tremendous Toothbrush

Toothbrush and toothpaste make your tremendous teeth a triumph 
Bristles soft as bear's body, brighten your day
Shiny spectacular toothpaste swiftly sweeps 
Cavities might come if you can’t clean it 
Flossing faints dumb bacteria forever
Dentists don’t come if you drain them with water.

Students were asked to write alliteration poems about things we use every day.  



Aarav Dhanalakoti - 4th grade

A bright and creative boy, Aarav enjoys learning new lessons and is ever so ready to take up writing challenges. His ideas are offbeat and that's precisely why his work stands out from the crowd. He listens to instructions, and follows through with assigned tasks including homework submission. In fact, he is a "homework hero" who always does his homework and submits it on time.