A better life in a nutshell

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       Humans are not perfect! Take it from me. I am a perfect example. It's like my sister trying to draw, and it never comes out right. Her simple drawings look like abstract art. Well, that's my life in two words: Abstract Art! The key ingredients to becoming a better person are persistence, gratitude, and kindness. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.  

     I need to work on becoming more persistent, and that's one trait I absolutely have nothing to do with right now. Being persistent can help you in many ways. One way persistence helps is by actually getting things done. The problem with me is I never keep my word. For instance, I say I will do my homework, but then I can't get myself to actually do it! Additionally, even during hard times, you just have to keep on going and never stop till you achieve your goal or win that fight. Persistence is definitely going to help me become a better person because I am always very unhappy with how I do everything at the last minute. I hate that, but I know if I become a little more persistent even though I may not reach my goal, I will still be happy thinking I tried my best instead of not caring at all. 

    One thing I always forget is that I am so lucky for the life I have right now. Sometimes I am a little ungrateful, and I need to have more gratitude. It’s going to really help me grow throughout my life. Gratitude can help me become a better person in so many ways. To illustrate, sometimes I compare myself to people who look like they have everything and their lives look picture perfect. I forget I have a lot and always expect more but I never get enough. I ask for things I really don’t need but I want. And if I don't get what I want, it really throws me off. This also makes me think less of myself compared to everyone else. The truth is, I need to have more gratitude because I know I will never get enough in life to be happy. I just have to be grateful for what I have. Gratitude is something I really need to improve about myself. I need to learn that life is never perfect, and there's always ups and downs, and the only thing that matters is if you're grateful about what position in life you are right now.

    Many people hear the word kindness everyday. But what matters is if you really choose to be kind. Kindness plays a big role in our lives and the people around us. If you show kindness to people around you, it will impact your life so much because people will see you differently but in a good way. Also, kindness will impact your day to day emotions, and it will make you feel like a better person instead of viewing yourself as a villain. I always forget to be kind even though I know the word so well and use it often. Sometimes it’s easier to choose to act like a villain. But it’s always going to come back and affect you later on in life. 

    Knowing what you want to change about yourself is easy, but actually becoming and molding into the better person you want to be will take some time, but I know deep down that I will get there and come out with a beautiful finished piece of art!

Essay topic:
What character traits will make you a better person? Explain how they can help individuals become a better person in the form of a 5-paragraph expository essay. Remember to write a strong introduction, followed by supporting details, and end it with a solid conclusion.



Kanika Kabilan - 7th grade

Soft spoken, respectful, and cheerful, Kanika is making steady progress in all areas of creative writing. Be it her imagination, grammar, or the sheer ability to create a work with no or minimum errors, she is gradually climbing the ladder of success, and that too, in a short amount of time.