Being a better person

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     You can be a good person in just a day, and you don't have to wait for 100 years. To become a good person, you have to be caring, have kindness, and be trustworthy.

    I believe caring is the first thing to becoming a good person. First off, if you are not caring then you will probably have a hard time being a good person. Caring helps people who are poor, rich, or whatever their category is. If you care about others, they might care about you. To add on, if you ask people “are you ok,” this can make them feel cared for. When you ask them how they feel, you will make their day! They will feel really happy and just asking them about little things in their lives will make them more gratified. How to care for others should be thought about more, because it helps the world and you be a better person.

       The next step to being a good person is having kindness. First and foremost, when you are kind to someone, you are helping that person with their needs, technically meaning being generous to someone. When you are kind and do a good deed to someone, they might do a good deed to you too. Secondly, kindness is what is keeping the world from being torn up, because every day someone is doing a good deed, and this world is not getting into big fights, or harming each other. Undoubtedly, kindness will help you become the good person you want to be.

   Finally, being trustworthy is another important thing to becoming a good person. To illustrate, having the trust from your friend helps you in many ways. Think about it, by having a friend that believes everything you say, she can help you with all the problems you face since you are telling her the truth about everything. One tiny lie can make a friend not trust you anymore and you will not have anyone to tell how you feel. To add on, when you've committed a mistake, either big or small, you should tell what mistake you have made, or else you will get in bigger trouble and end up hurting someone else. Having someone trust you completely is fantastic since you can defend yourself on things you haven't done. So, when there is an argument they will believe you because you were being truthful to them. To sum it up, a tiny lie can ruin everything in any type of relationship.

   Imagine ignoring someone who is asking for help, acting mean to someone acting generous to you, and telling lies. That is what makes a bad person. Do the opposite of the three listed above and this will definitely make you a better person. 

Essay topic:
What character traits will make you a better person? Explain how they can help individuals become a better person in the form of a 5-paragraph expository essay. Remember to write a strong introduction, followed by supporting details, and end it with a solid conclusion.



Ruve Jane Yuvaraj - 7th grade

2022 has to be Ruve Jane’s year for she has shown good progress this year by thinking outside the box and consistently coming up with superior work. Bubbling with positive energy, Ruve Jane takes an active role in discussions and speaks with confidence.