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    Being a superior person is worth more than winning a lottery. A finer person can lead to many successes but may face many challenges, but he or she can overcome any obstacles with empathy, caring, and fairness. 

    Firstly, showing empathy can not only help us understand what other people are feeling, but it also makes sure we become a better person. For instance, showing empathy is about being kind since you are taking time out from your personal life to listen to the other person's feelings and emotions. It also means that you are letting them express their feelings. Additionally, it makes you a better person by improving your listening skills, and this can benefit your future. When you show empathy, it lets the speaker become comfortable and happy, knowing that you could be trusted. 

    Secondly, only when we care for other people's wellness, we become greater versions of ourselves. For example, you could stop little kids from getting bullied if you show care. Caring about another person can keep others from getting hurt and this would make you a better person. Also, showing kindness will allow people to care about you. This is the golden rule:, treat others the way you want to be treated. When you care for the world, you're showing a soft part of yourself.

    Last but not least, showing fairness can bring the whole world to peace. For instance, if we show fairness, there would not be poor nor rich people. Everyone would be the same and there would not be so many arguments. Also, there would not be unfair laws like electing only a white president or a male president. Furthermore, there would not be separation of girls and boys, and everyone would be equal. If we showed equality to the world, everyone would be cheerful and we would be the same as everyone.

     To wrap it up, becoming a better person would lead to many positive things in life.

Essay topic:
What character traits will make you a better person? Explain how they can help individuals become a better person in the form of a 5-paragraph expository essay. Remember to write a strong introduction, followed by supporting details, and end it with a solid conclusion.



Ishitha Tatavarthi - 7th grade

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