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     No matter who you believe created us, whoever did make us humans perfectly curated us as machines with flaws, just to give us a meaning to live a 100-year life. With all that time given in our hands, I think it's fair if we dust some of our imperfections. Maybe the whole meaning of our existence was to bug-fix our own incapable bodies by trying to become better humans. But how do we do it? In order to become better humans, we must follow a few principles, which are being honest, empathetic and showing gratitude. 

     Being honest is one of the very few characteristic traits that you can adapt that doesn't conflict with your personality and that brings a positive glow in you without trying. Honesty does not only benefit others, but yourself too. Each lie you tell will haunt you in your sleep, therefore causing aging, depression, tiredness and it’s the best soap to clean your headspace. Honesty is also a sign of respect where you are making the other person feel worthy by carrying out your authentic self. That respect will also make your opinions feel more valid, and signs off a mutual contract of trust. Honesty is like pre-Covid, viewing the world without a mask and I think everybody could agree that life before was better, so if I am legislating the next bill, "honesty would be my next policy."

     None of us have a degree in law, but on a day to day basis, with or without our own conscience, we judge people. Naturally, we can’t plaster some cracks, but maybe trying a few steps of accepting people for their differences will take us out of our own inferiority complex and radiate some of the flowers that grow from the soil. People commonly assume the fact that your financial situation, or external appearance starts changing your internal feelings, but no matter what, the feelings of joy and failure will always be in unity with every single person. We must learn how to empathize with our common feelings rather than our current well being, which is very much interchangeable. Advertising about what we don’t have has been running on for a lifetime, and the inferiority complex doesn’t let us communicate with people without showing some ego to feel content with themselves. Like mainstream fashion, everything goes out of style, so downgrading is just another sort of mainstream fashion, so we must learn to sympathize with people because they will always be there for us.

     Modern day lifestyles have been brought up by such materialistic culture, that we can never spend a day without complaining or taking our wants as needs for our survival. Gratitude is just the ability to say thanks and it is a good habit to follow. When we go to a grocery store, our eyes are fixated on the brands of produce or capitalism’s fruits of unnecessary desperation to buy, buy, buy! If we looked at the old lady behind the counter and her toothy smile, it might bring us a bit more positivity in our day and that gratitude of letting the small gestures that people make sink in with our souls will be the best form of self pleasure. Just remember that we all have our plus points and they are just another part that makes us human, and if you are reading this right now, you can pat yourself on the back because you're literate and the small love letters to yourself will make you feel more grateful and complete, so just say thanks - it’s quite simple.

     Our short lives are ending quickly and the urge to satisfy our cravings to be successful will never stop. Our legacy will foreshadow the events for the next generation, so let's try our best to be honest, empathetic, and express our gratitude to the highest potential possible.

Essay topic:
What character traits will make you a better person? Explain how they can help individuals become a better person in the form of a 5-paragraph expository essay. Remember to write a strong introduction, followed by supporting details, and end it with a solid conclusion.



Harini Senthilkumar – 7th grade

Harini is an excellent writer and a deep thinker. Though a 7th grader, she uses complex thinking processes and sophisticated concepts in her stories. A notch or two higher than her grade level, she has a lot of ideas swimming in the ocean of her mind.