The Keys to Success

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     Growing as a person is like learning a new language; it is hard at times and at many moments you’ll have to change your way of thinking, but eventually you will master it. The key points everyone should try to focus on to be a better person are courage, responsibility, and persistence.

      Whether you are using courage to get over fear of heights, or using it to socialize with people you aren't familiar with, bravery is an important trait that can help you become a superior person. Having courage to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself is the best way to improve. To add on, being brave enough to speak to strangers can help you make friends and establish important relationships. To sum it up, having courage is very important as it is the only way you will know what you are good at and what you enjoy doing.

     “The price of greatness is responsibility” - Winston Churchill. Responsibility is another great trait to have, especially when working with a team. It not only helps you by getting your work done and doing it well, it also helps gain trust and respect from your peers. By being responsible, it doesn’t only mean you submit your work on time, it also means you have integrity and hold yourself accountable for your actions. Overall, responsibility is quite necessary if you want to become a better person and earn other’s trust.

      Have you ever been lazy on assignments, and just chose the easiest option of just quitting? Many people do this instead of pursuing the path they want to take because it’s easy, but this is why persistence is important. Firstly, instead of giving up when you fail, you should continue trying, as failing is the only way you’ll succeed. Failing helps us focus on the places we need to work on and humbles ourselves in the future. Secondly, persistence is the key to achieving your goals and dreams. While you may be talented, you must work hard and follow through with what is necessary to get where you want to be. In short, while being courageous and stepping into a new terrain may be the first step, being persistent and following through with what you started is the final step to get what you want. 

      Like learning a new language, life is tough at times, but hopefully if you have courage, responsibility, and perseverance, you will be able to speak the language of life fluently!

Essay topic:
What character traits will make you a better person? Explain how they can help individuals become a better person in the form of a 5-paragraph expository essay. Remember to write a strong introduction, followed by supporting details, and end it with a solid conclusion.



Anila Krishnan - 7th grade

Shy by nature, this little girl has made steady progress in writing, and that too, in just a short span of time. Anila continues to work hard—both in class and home assignments— and demonstrates a desire to better her craft. She is a strong force to watch out for in future days!