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     Bettering oneself is an important step of becoming your best self, one that is always able to learn, grow, and love. I know that I need a lot of help when it comes to making myself better, and I could honestly become more trustworthy, responsible, and fair.

   First, I know everyone lies to someone now and then, but I remember that back in 4th grade, I had a bit of a lying problem. For example, I know that everyone lies about doing their homework sometimes, but once by winter break in 4th grade, I practically didn't do ⅗ months of homework, and lied to my entire family about it. They ended up finding out, and I got in huge trouble, and I lost my entire family’s trust. Next, I remember reading this book called “The desk of Zoe Washington,” and in this book, there was about two chapters where she lied to her parents and stole their money, but she was caught and her mom exploded when she heard about it, and I thought about this part a lot, and I thought that I should be more trustworthy to my family and the people around me. Some people think that they are too honest like my sister sometimes is, but I know I need to be way more honest. I know that someday I can win back the trust of every person I hurt and betrayed.

     Second, almost all parents think that when you reach my age, which is 11 by the way, they think you're supposed to be mature and responsible, but I’m just not that now. I do hope to learn responsibility because I'm far away from maturity (and I’m fine with that). For instance, I remember once my sister gave me her library card to check out books. While checking out, I lost the card somewhere near the graphic novels section, and when I realized it, we were already home. When my sister found out, her eyes practically fell out of her head, and she stopped talking to me for the rest of the day. I knew then that I needed to learn responsibility really fast. Additionally, there's this quote “If you realize your responsibility, you will realize your destiny” and after reading this, I thought to myself about a lot of things, and I knew that if I learn how to be responsible, I will be free, and I try to grasp that always. You don't have to be mature to learn to be responsible, because I know that you can do anything, and maturity will never stand in your way if you let it, so learn the art of responsibility and master it.

       Third, everyone knows about racism and all those things, but the one word that brings it all together is fairness. I believe that if everyone is not fair, society will fall apart. For example, everyone thinks that equality and fairness are the same thing but they are not. Equality is when everyone is treated as an equal, but fairness treats people based on their needs, but it might not always be equal. Additionally, I believe that fairness is very important because when you are fair, everyone is happy, but even if it’s not fair, we can work to fix it. Nothing is easy, but when you work to fix it, it can get easier. Fairness and equality are similar things, so if you can’t be equal, at least try to be fair.

      To conclude, to better yourself can be hard, but if you are patient and open, one day, you will wake up to find your best self! You can start by following these three steps: being more trustworthy, responsible, and fair.

Essay topic:
What character traits will make you a better person? Explain how they can help individuals become a better person in the form of a 5-paragraph expository essay. Remember to write a strong introduction, followed by supporting details, and end it with a solid conclusion.



Aashritha Rakam - 6th grade

Aashritha is a fun, lively, and an enthusiastic girl. Always excited about participating in class discussions and grabbing the lesson of the day. Her mind is full of interesting ideas, and she is gradually learning to transfer those ideas from her head into her writing.