The Call of David

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    David drove to the ancient park he always went to. As he slowly walked, thinking about how his life has been and that he had such a big dream of becoming a celebrity when he was only in high school. Everybody thought this was a very foolish hallucination. David had seen a lot of life lessons in the past and believed that he could accomplish this. Soon, he was swept back into reality and he sat down on the bench. He observed the pumpkin colored leaves with a crisp and bumpy texture and the little squirrels that had a tiny caramel colored nut in their mouth. As he went on looking all around, his brain kept on bringing him back to the neverlands. For David, his neverland was a place where he felt like a ruler, where everyone worshiped him. As time passed on, he pondered about life, how life was a video game and you had one life and if you lose it, it was game over, and that you had moments in the game where you would be in excitement waiting for the next thing to be announced or happen. Then, a faded voice brought David back to where he was. 
     “Hello, Sir,” a man said with a very low pitch.
     “Oh, hello there,” David replied, startled.
     “Hi, I really need to use the restroom. Is it possible if you could watch my dog for just three minutes?”
     David glared at  the dog, which was almost twice his brother's size. It had dark brown irate eyes and a very athletic body. David could already figure out that this german shepherd had been in the Matrix. He also made contact with the old man and he had such a positive emotion on his face, and he knew the man wasn’t a bad person. He also remembered to never judge a book by its cover. But that didn't really matter right now. As fear built up in his eye, he decided to hold the dog for a while. He technically didn’t have a choice anyway because saying no meant you're rude, and David didn’t want the man to think that.
     “Okay, sure,” David said with a lot of fear.
    Then, the man vanished faster than you could even see the memory of Harry Potter. David firmly gripped the rope while the dog started becoming very stiff. He counted in his head and lost count after 30 seconds. A minute had passed, then two, then three, and then four. David was as clueless as a girl in the middle of the desert. He waited patiently and then it was now 20 minutes! David started feeling worried because he never had a dog and couldn't even hurt a fly. He decided to go and check out the man. He tied the leash on a slim tree and then swiftly walked into the restroom. 
     “Hello." No one replied. "Hello.” Nothing, just pure solid silence.
     As he walked out of the restroom, he looked at the tree. The dog wasn’t there! Suddenly, the speed on the treadmill changed to 100 miles per hour; his heart started pounding and his face was a rocket ship about to explode. He ran toward the tree and looked around.  He searched and searched, but it was hopeless. The dog had vanished and it was in an unknown area that no one knew. 
     “I’m back, Sir. Do you know where my dog is? My eyesight is pretty bad so I can’t really see.” 
     David turned around in horror to see the man standing there looking for the canine. He didn’t know what to tell him. He could see the man who looked like a heart-warming person started to have vexation in his eye. As the man rose up and made his hand into a fist, which David knew that the man was about to hit him, he started hearing a fate cry of his name. 
      David, someone called. David didn’t know who was saying this. But then the man who was in the air about to knock out David started moving very slowly. The call of David didn’t stop; it kept on coming.Then, he disappeared!
      David was in his bedroom and his mom was there calling his name. Then, it all came to him; he had such a vivid dream! This wasn’t the first time this had happened and whenever these dreams happen, they try to warn him about something. This time the central idea was not to lose things. So at school he was extra cautious and avoided the trouble he could have caused. 
      This is why David loves the warning calls.



Aavar Lamichhane - 6th grade

Aavar is sweet, polite, and full of surprises. Sometimes, he delivers average work and sometimes, mind-blowing. When he puts his energy and determination to work, his assignments just bloom into something wonderful. This new student is on his way to fast-track his success!