A Fine Fall Afternoon

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     It was a cold fall afternoon in Greenville public park. I was jogging on the trail until I stumbled upon something. A decent sized cabin. The last time I came here was six months ago, but I thought this was public land. I hesitated to go near it, but then decided to check it out.
     As soon as I put my hand on the door handle it opened. It's strange because this should be locked I thought. I slowly walked inside, creeps following my footsteps. I look around the cabin, nothing much was there. A small couch in the living room. The dining table was decent. Although the candle on top of it was lit. I walked to one of the chairs and placed my jacket. But the most bizarre thing of all was the back sliding door was open. Outside, I saw a small playground for toddlers and many red and orange leaves on the grass. Then after that, it was the open forest. This is a strange place to find on a trail I thought.
      I went back to the cabin, to the kitchen to investigate. Nothing seemed out of place, until I checked the microwave. Inside was some lasagna. I wanted to check if it was hot, but I was not willing to stick my finger in it. So, I went to check the cabinets for any tools that might help me. I finally found a temperature stick for turkey. I stuck it up into the lasagna. Yes, someone had eaten this recently, but who? Before I could continue my search of the cabin, I heard a thud coming from a closet door. I went to the door and slowly opened it. To my surprise, it was a basement door. How is this even legal? I thought to myself. I wanted to kill some time because I had nothing better to do. But what if someone is down there, or what if something bad happens to me? Suddenly, a buzz came from my pocket. It was my phone. I picked it in my hands and checked what it was about. My friend was calling, so I quickly pressed the pick up button.
     “Hey Anson! You need to-” a glitchy voice said. The call immediately disconnected. I looked at the wi-fi bar icon on the top. It showed one small white bar and three more white outline bars. Must be a slow connection I thought. Again another thud came from the basement, but this time it was much quieter. I slowly went down the stairs, trying not to make noise. At the last step, I slowly peeked to see the origin of the noise. I could make out a figure moving boxes. It appeared that the figure was nicely dressed in a tuxedo. Although I could not confirm a visual on the face, I did notice that this person had black short hair. The figure finally walked away from my visual and just then I finally heard a big zap. I quickly ran to the person. 
     “Who are you?!” I screamed. 
     I could not see this guy anymore. While trying to find this mysterious person, I noticed that the basement itself was fine. It had the regular features of a normal basement. Crusty unused carpet. Many boxes, small to big. A very cold atmosphere. Except the big portal-like structure having a green entrance. I was even more confused. What was this doing in the middle of a park? I had a feeling to go through it, but a sharp pain in the stomach stopped me from it. My senses were blocking me from such a wonderful sight, but I didn’t want to go back home. I wanted to do something fun! So, I walked inside the portal. I could feel my body burning and a green supernova visual in front of me. I was floating and an uneasy feeling creeped over my shoulders. Suddenly, I felt a strange floor. A very new carpet. I guessed this from the smell. When I saw the same figure in front of me, I slowly got up.
     “Who are you?! What are you doing there?!” I asked in a harsh-confused voice.
     “Don’t worry, everything is for a reason,” a dark devilish voice responded.
     Immediately, I could figure out that this person was no ordinary man. He might not be even human. 
     “But, the better question is what are you doing here?” the man replied in a calm voice.
     “Err, I was...” I tried to say and then with a freakish smirk, he held his hands and crushed it.                  Suddenly, I woke up back on a grassy floor. I felt the leaves under me, crunching. I got up and saw the cabin. I was near it, but not too close. I decided to make a run for it. So, I quickly ran back to the parking lot. 
     This is it, I am never coming back. But I remembered I had left my jacket there. I quickly ran back to the cabin. The door was locked, but the back door was still open. I heard the humming of someone. Shoot! I thought. I quickly grabbed my jacket. This was a long day. 
      Finally I drove back home. I could peacefully sleep now, or that's what I thought.



Rithik Chellakumar - 7th grade

Rithik has been gradually strengthening his writing skills, one lesson at a time. Nothing can stop him for reaching the pinnacle of success if he fully commits himself to his craft, taking responsibility for his own learning and consistently putting in the effort.