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    A luminous green car zoomed past my makeshift detective office. The car woke me up. I gave my dog, Joshie, some water. The water trickled down my metallic water bottle like a silent stream. As I closed up for the night, the police cars went blaring down the streets. Joshie whimpered and swiftly got under my umbrella. As I went past the spacious and extravagant houses, I wondered if I would ever get to go into one of them. I placed my bag and flashlight down and went to sleep on my soft bed. To my surprise, I slept like a baby.

    As the sun rose, I woke up and quickly finished my morning activities. Joshie was acting like she was all tired, as if she had crossed all the tumultuous oceans, and just wouldn’t wake up. I decided it was for the best not to wake her up since I had planned to go to the post office first. It was around 8:30 a.m., and I was already at work. I briefly glanced at the wooden crime board, but deep down I knew there was nothing amongst the pile of papers and photographs pinned on it. As I saw a lonesome poster in there, I knew I had hit a gold mine! There was a robbery last night at the Mulctuary Money Management. The criminal(s) had swiped at least half a million. The corporation was offering $5,000 for anybody who finds the robber(s). I was bedazzled since the police usually took such high-profile cases. I got there as quickly as an eagle and officially took on the case! The first thing I did was ask the guards what they were doing. It was a futile exercise since the guards were unaware of any suspicious activity in the bank. I asked for access into the vault. Like they show in the cinemas, the safe was dull and rusty,  and was stripped off of all its money. There was no hole or cover-up for sure. An unnerving thought occurred to me, this was most likely an inside job! Someone must have unlocked the safe door. I thought of who could be the suspects, could it be the guards or the financial officer or the manager himself. The guards were ruled out since they had no access inside the vault. Now, there was a standoff between the financial officer and the manager. I first inquired about the officer. He was there during the time of crime. Also, he had a charge of corruption against him, but he was in a meeting with a client during the robbery. I fact-checked his story and sure enough, it was the truth. Next up, the manager.

    All of a sudden, things became suspicious. He rebuffed to hold an interview with me, so the police had to go bring him forcibly. He said that he wasn’t there during the incident; he was home. The cleaner said otherwise. He saw him scuttle out, from the corner of his eye, in the shadows with some heavy bags. I knew that he was lying, it was all over his face. Rapid blinking is what I use to tell if someone is lying, and I had never seen someone blink like this. I could instantly smell the $5,000! I went expeditiously over to his house, one of those lavish ones, and asked his brother, a cop, if he was at home yesterday night. My heart skipped a beat upon hearing the answer. I flew to the bank and immediately took the manager into custody and soon enough, the police found the stolen money and the manager got arrested. By the next day, I was a proper detective with a dog, a home, and $5,000 in my wallet.


Middle schoolers were asked to write a mystery/thriller/suspense story in about 250 words that involved a car, an umbrella, a post office, a dog, and a flashlight.

They were also required to decorate the story by using 5 strong adjectives, 5 strong verbs, 5 strong adverbs, 5 mystery/thriller/suspense words or phrases, and 3 figurative language.


“The hue of the sky is black, kins are acting like foes vying for resources, and the general mood is woeful. The governments are toying around with the world and humanity is lagging behind innocent animals. If someone wanted to revolt for a zen-like world, they would be silenced by an oar by government loyalists.” That is a quote from Badhri Hari. It is awe-inspiring and warns the irked governments for eons to come. It basically tells them that “Hey, you can opt to improve stability without making much ado about small stuff.” 


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