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    There was a brother and sister named Harold and Jessica. One day, there was a screeching sound coming from the attic. The sibling’s parents told them to check what’s happening above. They discovered a dusty red diary that seemed spooky since there was an emerald with an enchanting glow. Jessica told Harold to press on the emerald. Harold obeyed. A magnificent enchantress appeared who showed a guitar-shaped key that pointed to a diary. Jessica unlocked the diary, but inside there was no words or pictures to be seen. Then, they saw a paintbrush underneath the diary and shifted the bristles towards the pages. Surprisingly, words, pictures and numbers began to show. There was a switch on the paintbrush, which said click if you dare. Harold and Jessica did, and a mirror popped up. The mirror reflected a phonebook. The siblings rushed to see if there was any phone number. There was a phone number, so they dialed to check who it was. It was Martha Stewart.
    Martha was their grandmother. The moment the two siblings touched the phonebook, they vanished, and in a second, they were in a vintage outfit! Jessica asked somebody what date it was. It was September 14, 1938. They had brought the diary and in it there was an address, 402th street, Broadway station. They took a train to that area. They passed through Martha’s house and hid behind a huge picture frame. There was a man with a tuxedo and Martha was painting a picture of him. She was painting with the same paintbrush they saw in the attic!
    Suddenly, a fellow with a huge gun stormed in and pointed at the man’s head. He wore an army formal wear. Sadly, the man was too old to defend himself and he died. Martha couldn’t handle it, so she took her rainbow pastel paints and gobbled them up and sacrificed her life. The siblings touched Martha’s paintbrush and got transported back to the year 2019. The two wondered off to the sunrise, and when they reached home, they told their parents the whole adventure.
    Back in the attic, when they read the diary, their whole adventure was written and the man wearing the tuxedo was sadly Martha’s beloved husband.


     I am a seagull that flies far and wide. Before I  hit the pesky man, this is what I did in my life. I lived in  Country Side Beach and I stole food from people on the beach. My favorite was the Cheetos Puffs. Squawk! Squawk! My wife Marine said I should get more food. I couldn’t disobey her!

    After walking for a few miles, I saw a stranger holding my favorite food in a brown bag. Squawk! Squawk! I tried to snatch the food from the man, but I couldn’t. Then, I used my sharp claws. Finally, I stole the delicious bag of Cheetos Puffs. Yum! The man wasn’t happy to see me. He looked furious and flinched as I took the bag away from him! At least I made my wife Marine happy.

    I gave the food to Marine. To my surprise, she wasn’t happy because I forgot that the man I took the food from was the only lifeguard of the beach. Oh no! Pissing him off meant he would never save my family if they drowned. Marine even said she won’t be living with me anymore because of the tragic reason that unknowingly occurred!!!
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