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    As the early morning sunshine poured into my bedroom, I lazily looked outside my window only to be startled like a deer surrounded by tigers. A stubby, middle-aged man with an umbrella covering his head, walked towards my garage door. Quickly, I jumped out of my bed and sprinted towards my garage to switch on the lights in order to scare the stranger. I switched on the lights and suddenly the man fled away. While he was running, I got a quick glimpse of his face. He matched the description of a notorious car thief that had been spotted in my neighborhood.

    Before I took off for the police station, I made sure that the man wasn’t anywhere near. Upon my arrival at the police station, I informed the policemen about the stranger and how he was snooping around my garage. I had given them an accurate description and they were able to draw the stranger perfectly. The drawing matched a photograph of one of their recently jailbroken prisoners. On my way back, I decided to collect some mails from the post office, and shortly after that, I reached home. As I went through my pile of mails, the last one said, “Don’t try to find the culprit or else trouble will await you.” I got scared and I decided to just relax and watch television to take my mind off this. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw the same man hiding behind a rose bush. I decided to trail him to his hideout.  I followed him and when he reached near his hideout, I waited for him to go in. He lived in a haunted and isolated house. After pulling myself together, I mustered up courage and took one step at a time inside the house. He must have felt suspicious like a rabbit in a bird’s nest because when I went in, he was nowhere to be seen. After walking around for sometime, I found myself in a booby trapped hallway. I had to go through a labyrinth of passages, run through a hallway with arrows flying from both sides, and then jump over a pit full of snakes. I was good at athletics in high school, so I decided to use my skills. I did it all in one shot and at the end, I saw the notorious criminal (who snooped near my garage) with a gun pointed at me! Was this where it would end? With me being shot? Abruptly, with no warning, a dog jumped at the attacker and distracted him. I took this opportunity to call the police.

    The police arrived in no time. When they showed flashlights, the place was as bright as the moon during night time. With all their might, they handcuffed him, caught him by his collar and then mercilessly dragged him out of his hiding place. I could finally relax! I missed my adventure, but it felt good to be back home and being a regular 12-year-old again. As I kicked my shoes off and closed my bedroom window, someone threw a note wrapped around a rock. The note read “This isn’t over yet.”


Middle schoolers were asked to write a mystery/thriller/suspense story in about 250 words that involved a car, an umbrella, a post office, a dog, and a flashlight.

They were also required to decorate the story by using 5 strong adjectives, 5 strong verbs, 5 strong adverbs, 5 mystery/thriller/suspense words or phrases, and 3 figurative languages.