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    I wake up to an eerie chill running down my spine and notice that it is pitch black. I open the curtain of my large bay window expecting the usual warm and cheery sunlight, but am startled when I am confronted with darkness. I frantically search the sky looking for the sun, but alas I am only left with hordes and clusters of blinding stars. I open my window trying to get a closer look at the magnificent balls of gas that contrast the dark stratosphere, when suddenly a strong zephyr blows through my window. I shiver as the wind grazes my skin as soft as a peacock’s feather and I decide that regardless of the daunting weather situation, I must continue on with my day. I quickly brush my teeth and get dressed in my thickest clothing. After I adorn myself with a large wool sweater, thick jeans, fuzzy socks, a beanie, thick winter boots, and a scarf, I grab my keys and get ready to conquer the  world. I hop into my car determined to drive to the store for some groceries, but grunt in frustration when I realize that my car runs on solar panels. I slam the door of my car in vexation and choose to walk instead. I begin to walk out of my garage when suddenly I can’t move. I look down at my feet in horror as I take in the horrendous sight, my feet are frozen to the ground! I take a moment to calm my racing thoughts and I realize without the sun we are all going to die from the subzero temperatures. It is then that I take in the fact that there is no one else around. My eyes slowly gaze around my surroundings and my eyes grow in horror as I see my neighbors frozen to the ground as well. My eyes begin to tear up as I realize that now I can’t feel my limbs or even move them. My eyelids get heavy and there is a  striking pain in my chest. I scream out in anguish, but there is no one around to save me. Who knew the sun, our beacon of hope, the reason we wake up every morning would also be the very thing that destroys the human race. 


What if there was no sun, snow, or rain for a day? What would the day look like? Describe a ‘no weather’ day in about 8 – 10 sentences (or more). How does it feel? What does the sky look like? Is it bright or dark outside? What kind of clothes would people wear on a day like this? 

Imagine. Be creative. Have fun!