The Deadly Woods

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         It was a cold crisp fall morning, and the clouds disagreed to let the sun shine. Thanksgiving was crawling upon David Catcher. He was a high school senior who was spending his Thanksgiving break with his sister at a fancy lodge on the other side of Hiddenville, his town. His sister Isabelle had gone to get groceries and had left David alone at the lodge. So, he went out for a walk around the woods and sat down for a break. Suddenly, an old man popped up out of the blue.
          “Hello, Sir. Will you watch my greyhound while I run to my lodge to fetch my wallet?” he asked.            David had a fear of dogs, especially greyhounds. But he couldn’t say no to such a nice person. So, he reluctantly agreed and the old man ran off to his lodge. To David’s surprise, the man never came back. It was around 15 minutes and David started to get impatient. 
          “Where is the old dude!” After waiting for a few more minutes, David tied up the greyhound's leash and stepped away from the bench to look for him. After what seemed like forever and with no luck of finding the old man, he gave up and went back to the bench and found the greyhound to be gone! Now he really started to worry. Did the old man take the dog away? While he was worried that he might be in trouble for possibly losing the greyhound, he felt a weird sensation. As if something or someone for a matter of fact was watching him. 
        “Hello? Is someone here?” he asked. He now felt a bit uncomfortable. So, he left his spot and went inside the forest again. His bright blue eyes, which always was a sight to see, were filled with fear as he saw something black move across the field. He felt like turning back with his 16-year-old self, running across the woods like his hair was on fire. But since he was stupid, he went on inside to investigate. Once again, he felt as if someone was watching him. He heard the footsteps and felt the thin hairs on the back of his head stand up. He knew that he couldn’t run or even walk slowly. So, he turned around and stood dead still. What he saw was a matter of life or death. In this case, it was death.  
         There was a black figure with the scariest face and a terrifying smile in front of him. His eyes were gigantic, but had no pupils inside them. And there was a wide smile with blood dripping off of each side of its curled forced smile. Its face was as white as snow and it wore rugged clothes. It had dark circles under its eyes that looked as if there was a black hole split into two under his eyes. Looking straight at David, he came closer and closer. With the cowardly self that David was, he  fainted, and by the time he woke up, he was in a room filled with heads that were chopped off and the rest of the bodies were hanging from the ceiling with blood as cold as ever dripping off them. He turned to his side and saw the greyhound that he was supposed to babysit next to him. Dead. He almost screamed his head off. But he had to contain a low profile. He sat up straight and just then he saw the scary creature chopping off two people’s heads, and both of them seemed awfully familiar. One of them was his sister Isabelle and the other was the old man. Before he could stand up and call for the creature to stop, both were dead. And I would be so too, he thought. The ghostly creature turned around and came up to him with a butcher's knife. The ghost held up his face with the knife and with one slice, he chopped his head off. 
         That was the end of David’s story, and no one heard of him ever again. 



Suraksha Krishnamoorthy - 6th grade

Suraksha is enthusiast to learn and try something new. She has the confidence, ability, and creativity to become a masterful writer, if she just takes her craft more seriously and tames her wandering mind. Always presenting with something exciting, it's a joy to read her work!